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BBC Weather The weather pages on the BBC website.
Bromsberrow Weather Station Live weather station 6 miles SSW of Kettle Sings (Malvern)
European Aviation Weather Centre Good free source for synoptic charts. As produced by the MetOffice (for a fee) on their web site!
Frontal/pressure predictions Go to 'USAF Surface Analysis,12hr,24hr'etc..from main menu for predictions.
Glidemet As you're probably aware, Weatherjack ended his daily soaring forecasts for good at the end of this past season. Taking up where he left off, I now write Glidemet year-round, forecasting wind and ridge too. There's no www. in the URL :-).
High Definition Colour Satellite Gigantic, high definiton satellite image without isobars overlay. WARNING: This takes at least 5 mins to download using a standard 56k modem but worth every minute! so go and make a cup of tea!
Lynham Weather Conditions The closest Underground Weather location to the Avon sites. The only issue is with the frequency of updates, which has become quite poor, the data often being twelve hours or more out of date.
Malvern Hills weather station Located at the top of the Wyche so gives speeds and direction that you would expect to find at Kettle Sings. All we (MHGC)ask is that you get your Malvern helmet sticker. See here
METARs and TAFs, Decoded METARs and TAFs across the world - I've used the England/Wales page, EGGD (Bristol), as the jump-off point for this link but you can nav around to airports all over the world.
Meteonet The braknell forecast charts on one page
NOAA Weather Service This site gives current weather from various location both nationally and internationally. Also give last 24 hours weather. (Locations mainly airports.)
North Wales Weather Today Rob Arnold's excellent North Wales Weather Today Page. A mine of weather map information, including links to the current, 24hr, 48hr, 72hr & 96hr MetFaxes, as well as some more exotic sources of information. This is my first port of call when planning a few days ahead... Also has a good selection of links to other sites, including Met Office synoptic charts. Tim P
Para2000 European Automatic Weather Reports
RASP Many pilots' go-to source for soaring-related weather information on the day and for the days immediately ahead.
Selsley Weather Website and Automatic Davis Vantag For those who paraglide off Selsley common this is a useful weather station featuring wind, temperature data and more. Located in Selsley village overlooking the Vale.
Skylinkweather A free weather website from the people who run Skyview - we'd be happy to give you a reciprocal link if you add links to! Cheers,
The Weather Channel A pretty detailed weather site, with wind forcasts. Also gives current conditions and a 10 day forecast for towns and cities around the UK.
Weather Action A good all round 5 day forecast site with detailed descriptions and maps. One of my favorites at the moment.
weatherjack specialist gliding site
Wendy Windblows Wendy Windblows is a chain of talking weather stations on leisure and sporting sites around the UK. Users can ring them to find out the ACTUAL weather conditions, RIGHT NOW, on that site. Once you have subscribed you can access info via the web.
Wincanton weather Close to Mere with current and recorded data
Windtech Paragliders UK - Weather Links A comprehensive list of the best UK and International weather related websites and web cams.
XC Weather An excellent site giving current conditions at airports around the UK. Wind direction and speed at all locations is shown graphically on main screen. Created by Dave Billington.

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