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Axis Paragliding and Paramotoring Intensive Beginner Couses Abroad all year! Learn In a better climate, On Sand dunes and coastal ridges. Small Group,Private and Tandem Tuition. Abergavenny has the best sites and is only 30mins form the severn bridge!
Butterfly Paragliding Isle of Wight, BHPA school, beginner to xc, well stocked shop, organic b/b, camping & cliff soaring on site. Open sites policy, winching, paramotor, weight shift simulator & kites. 18km of coastline to hone your skills. Great everything except marketing!
Cloud 9 Hang Gliding and Paragliding Catering for the needs of Hang Gliding & Paragliding pilots in Cornwall, the Southwest & beyond since 1985. Full sales service, including gliders, spares, instruments, power units & range of accessories from all the top names and pre-owned equipment.
Cloudbase Paragliding Cloudbase is a small, friendly school based in the beautiful Wiltshire Downs just half an hour from the M4 motorway.
Flight Culture A school dedicated to training pilots to the limit of their ability. With a commitment to continuing education, skill development and offering a high level of personal service.
Flying Frenzy in Dorset
Paraventure Airsports Beginner to Pilot courses on SE Wales premier sites; easy access from M4/M5. Tandem flights, equipment sales, adventure trips and equipment shop.
ParAvion Paragliding Centre Professional, full-time paragliding school based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. On-line shop, foreign holidays, advanced training, on-line discussion forum. Starting in summer 2006; paramotoring and winch training.
Welsh Airsports Flying School Established in 1975 the school has excellent training and soaring sites in and around its base in Abergavenny . Paragliding Fun Days, Courses,Tuition/ Holidays abroad.

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