XC Leagues and Competitions

BPC Briefing

The Club has always had a strong reputation for continuous development of pilots, with each "wave" of new Club Pilots that have progressed on to first XCs, then longer flights, continuing to develop their experience and knowledge doing their best to pass on their wisdom to those in the next "wave". We encourage pilots to compete in the Club's cross-country (XC) leagues and to join in with the British Club Challenge, in which we have an excellent record.

The British Clubs Challenge

The Club has long competed in the BCC (also previously known as the Airwave Challenge and once again sponsored by Airwave) and taken an active part in its organisation. It's a friendly competition specifically designed to improve the skills of pilots by encouraging them to develop their skills in a nurturing environment, with higher skilled pilots also competing and taking an active part in mentoring those progressing. Many pilots have done their first XCs in the Challenge. The paragliding side of the Club (which often enters more than one team) have already won the Challenge three times this century.

Hang Gliding XC League

The Hang Gliding Cross Country League is now hosted by Tony Moore here.

Paragliding XC League

The Paragliding Cross Country League is now amalgamated into the National League. The old Avon PG XC League site lives within this site, but I cannot guarantee that all of it will work: it's here.