Grid Reference
ST 530 572
Nearest Postcode
BS40 6PF
Site Code
Wind Direction
Height ASL (Feet)
Height TTB (Feet)
Site Officer
Rich Harding (07966 491138)
Strictly Pilot / Advanced Pilot only
None has been given for this charity land, funded by the public for the public.
1. The 'Ring o Bells' carpark in Compton Martin. Walk up the Coombe, turn right at the end of the houses and go up and along to TO. 2. Park in the large area just NW of Ubley on the A368. Walk back to Ubley Motors, and find the steep path up to take off 3. Park just past Hazel Cottage (where the warden lives) ST525563 and walk along the long avenue heading NE. Site is on the left. This is the best approach for hang gliders, with a trolley. The large Cyprus tree marks the take off.
Above or below the barbed wire fence, to the NW of the large cyprus tree
Take Off
Above or below the barbed wire fence, to the NW of the large cyprus tree. Be sure to be high enough to clear the barbed wire.
Local Flying
You need to speak to one of the designated contacts listed at the bottom of this page. The site is within Bristol ATC, and you should not fly until activated. Clearance is usually given to 4000ft, in 1 hr blocks as requested. Even when activated you should not fly the other side of the road. Be wary of flying too close to the hill, it is not steep, and people have landed in the trees.
XC Flying
An excellent site with many flights over 100k, and the best around 170k. Lands End is a possibility!
Top Landing
Possible but watch for barbed wire and tree enclosures.
Bottom Landing
Use any of the bottom fields, avoiding animals (particularly horses) and crops. Close all gates on leaving.
Weston, Bristol or Bath
There are many approaches.Take the A368 from Weston, to reach Compton Martin, and select your parking. The site is 4 km SW of Chew Valley Lake, above Compton Martin and Ubley
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Ubley Guide

Latest Flying Diary Entries for Ubley

27/04/13 Tom Janikowski - Myself and Tim P had a go from Ubley. Wind was strong and gusty half bar for staying 0kmh sometimes. We managed to fly ~20km Tim a bit farther.

06/04/13 Tom Janikowski - Merryfield airspace put me on deck after 46 km:( Wish people say a bit earlier where they go, seen a lot good flight from Lecky

20/05/12 Tim Pentreath - Spent a very pleasant couple of hours boating around at heights up to 2,000' exploring the whole ridge between Blagdon and West Harptree. As Tom said, there were some good climbs under the general greyness (actually the sun did make an appearance which was a bonus).

20/05/12 Tom Janikowski - Wind moderate, fully overcasted sky and loads of lift up to 3m/s. Base @ 2000' Thanks Tim for info almost missed it

13/07/11 Graham Richards - No wind on hill, seemingly, occassional puffs, no sun. Had nap to be wokenned by bigger puff. Fannied around trying to launch for TTB for 5 mins before wing eventually decided to fly. Boated above trees (below take off height) for 10 mins and started kreeping up. At 200ft ATO started circling in lift to get to 2000ft ASL. Pushed back to front and at 1500ft got another thermal to 3500ft; no obvious cloud. Glided to Wells. 2 quick lifts back to Ring o Bells. Out of action now till next week. :(

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