Keevil Drop Zone

Keevil Airfield (NE of Westbury) is occasionally used as a parachute drop zone, but if it's not active we can confirm permission to fly through it.

If you plan to fly Westbury (or perhaps Uffington) and want to fly through the drop zone and submit a valid cross country flight, then send a request to the SW Airspace Notifications Telegram Group with the message eg. "Please check Keevil drop zone for Saturday 29th March"

One of the nominated representatives will call operations to establish if parachuting will be taking place on requested day. The response, posted on Telegram, will be either: - "Warning - parachuting at Keevil on Saturday 29th March" or "No parachuting at Keevil on Saturday 29th March".

N.B. Forward planning is required for weekends and Bank Holidays, as Brize is only manned Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 17:00.

This page last updated: 31st October, 2019
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