Highgrove House Prohibited Area

A concession for un-powered HG and un-powered PG has been agreed that allows us to transit through R105, a restricted flying zone based on Highgrove House, located south of Tetbury in the Cotswolds. The exclusion zone has a radius of 1.5nn and extends from ground level to 2000ft AMSL. Until September 10 th 2018 this restriction only affected helicopters, but now extends to all aircraft types, and this would render flights from Frocester, Selsley and Leckhampton (and other sites) more difficult for HG and PG.

The details are covered by a Letter of Agreement (LoA) between the Gloucestershire Constabulary, Royal Household Protection Group (RHPG) and Avon Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club (Avon Club), which has been established to permit paraglider (PG) and hang glider (HG) pilots, flying from local launch sites, to transit the restricted area R105 with reduced vertical and lateral separation from the Highgrove House estate. Its aim is to ensure that the protection intended for the Highgrove Estate through R105 is maintained while PG and HG pilots are still able to conduct their planned cross-country flights. Whilst signed by the Avon Club it extends to HG and PG pilots from other clubs.

For the purposes of this LOA the subject area is named the Highgrove House Prohibited Area (HHPA) and is defined as a circle, of radius 600m, centred on 51°37.24N 002°10.48W, as shown above and below, extending from the surface to a height of 500ft above ground level (860 ft AMSL). Note that the HHPA is wholly contained within R105 but has a slightly different centre to R105, in order that it covers the complete Highgrove estate. When transiting through R105 the (much smaller) HHPA zone remains a complete exclusion zone for unpowered HG and PG.

Transit Agreement

RHPG agrees to grant a standing approval for unpowered PG and HG conducting cross country flights to transit R105 while remaining clear of the Highgrove House Prohibited Area. It is understood that pilots will need to circle when thermalling and to search for lift, but pilots are not to linger within the restricted airspace and are to clear the airspace as soon as possible. Pilots who are unable to maintain altitude are to respect the Highgrove House Prohibited Area when selecting and approaching landing fields i.e. keep out of the estate and close surrounding fields.

Full information can be downloaded here.

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