If you wish to fly on weekdays, you should notify the RAF (CANP Civil Notification Procedure) on 0800 515544 or via email, preferably the day before and, if not, then at least four hours before your intended start time. State that you would like to notify Hang Gliding or Paragliding activity. You will be asked to give your name, contact number (preferably a mobile that you will have with you on the hill), the date and time flying will start and finish, the site name, site grid reference, nearest town, and expected maximum height (1000’ AGL unless you know better). They will then call you back with a reference number.

If the site has a BHPA reference number and you are able to call before 16:00 the day before, then when asked for the grid reference say that it is a BHPA site and give the BHPA reference number. The site may then be given an avoidance status. If this is done you are not usually called back with a reference number.

The 0800 515544 number is manned Mon-Thu 07:00-23:00 and Fri-Sun 07:00-17:00.

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