News Items for Coward's Bowl (Mere)
04/02/2005 - Bridlepath At Mere
We received a letter recently from Wiltshire County Council about an incident on the bridleway that runs up the spur between Cowards and the Rifle Range at Mere, where a horse was spooked by a launching paraglider.   Read More
Coward's Bowl (Mere)
Grid Reference
ST 806 345
Nearest Postcode
BA12 6HX
Site Code
Wind Direction
Height ASL (Feet)
Height TTB (Feet)
Site Officer
Rich Harding (07966 491138)
Any rated pilot. No training.
Open site
Park on the main track, without blocking it or the gates into the surrounding fields. Do not drive into any of the fields.
Rig in the bowl behind take-off and in front of the fence.
Take Off
Anywhere in the bowl that faces into the prevailing wind. Paragliders should not launch directly in front of rigging hang glider pilots. Be aware that in stronger winds it may not be possible to penetrate out from the bowl.
Local Flying
A little used site. If the wind direction is not SW the bowl can be turbulent, due to rotor caused by the spurs on either side. These conditions can lead to rapid height losses and canopy deflations, so you should always be aware of the true wind direction before flying. The bowl effect can make it look like the wind is smack on when it is coming more from the west or east. Spencerís Bowl is a much better site on weekdays. On the weekend we can use the south of Spencerís, to the south of the fence which is better than the shallow bowl. (see map).
XC Flying
Be aware of the Salisbury Plain ranges which are 7 miles to the NE. Also the wildlife park at Longleat is just 4 miles to the N.
Top Landing
Can be difficult on a hang glider as the space is restricted. Land on the spur to the west in a SW-WSW wind or just behind the bowl in a S wind. Do not disturb any farm animals that may be in the field. Paragliders can land in the bowl area. Be aware of the barbed wire fence and the numerous thorny bushes in the bowl. Do not land in any other top field. We now have an agreement to use Spencerís Bowl as an XC site midweek.
Bottom Landing
Bottom landing is only possible if the field below take-off is not in crop. If a disaster happens and you do land in the crops walk out causing the minimum amount of damage and apologise to the farmer at Wood Farm. On a paraglider there is plenty of space to land within the bowl area, but take care to avoid the small tree plantation at the very bottom.
Frome or Bath.
Leave Frome going south on the B3092. Two miles after Maiden Bradley, turn left, immediately after the Red Lion pub, into Long Lane. Follow the main track along and up the hill till you reach a water works site with a large aerial in a field to the right. Park here. Access to the site is along the small track to the works and then through a gate to the left. Close all gates. Or access from Rifle Range.
Ordnance Survey Sheet