News Items for Bratton Camp (Westbury)
31/03/2011 - Horses At Westbury
Following a recent incident when horses were spooked by low flying pilots at the far southern end of the NW ridge pilots adjacent to the road, pilots are requested to keep at least 300' clearance from the ground in this area.   Read More
19/01/2018 - New Airspace Concessions at Westbury
Changes to Danger Area access at Westbury   Read More
03/06/2020 - Westbury Safety Notes
Notes on safely flying Westbury in different wind directions.   Read More
Bratton Camp (Westbury)
Grid Reference
ST 900 516
Nearest Postcode
BA13 4SP
Site Code
Wind Direction
Height ASL (Feet)
Height TTB (Feet)
Site Officer
Timothy Bishop (07943 880505)
Any rated pilot.
Open site.
Park in the car park.
Carry your glider over onto the hill fort and rig just in front of or to the west of the long barrow.
Take Off
Just in front of the long barrow. Never inflate a paraglider in front of a hang glider - blowback accidents have happened. Paragliders, be sure to be flying properly before you leave the flattish take-off, otherwise, you may not clear hill fort�s ditch. Hang gliders, ensure you have speed crossing the ditch and do not let the glider lift you off too early. No takeoffs from the slope of the hill below the ditch for safety reasons, as you would not be seen by other gliders taking off.
Local Flying
Make sure you know where the Danger Area boundaries are. There may be airspace concessions available on a particular day. To understand what these are read the - Concession Guide. There is a riding stable just beyond the trees at the western end of the main ridge and we have been asked to stay at least 600� ato when overflying this area (See map on White Horse page). The eastern end of the ridge is often shared with model flyers, please allow them space to fly.
XC Flying
If you intend to fly XC make sure you have a map and know the position of the danger area. Airspace concessions may be available on a particular day. To understand what these are read the - Concession Guide. Note that if tracking east, the danger area extends further north in that direction.
Top Landing
Top landings should be made to the east of the long barrow on a hang glider, but note that they can be difficult in lighter winds due to the slope. Paragliders can land anywhere on top. Be especially careful if this area contains sheep. DO NOT LAND BEHIND THE BARROW (TURBULENCE)
Bottom Landing
The site has been cleared of trees recently and side landing is the best option for paragliders. The higher up the slope and further to the west the better. Watch out for rabbit holes and tree stumps. Walk up the spur at the western end of the slope, using the footpath that rises up the spur from the road at the bottom. We have not been given permission to land in either the cropped field or the set-aside strip at the bottom of the slope. Absolutely no landing in crop. Hang gliders need to make an early decision to fly to the emergency landing fields used for the NW take off. Do not land in any of the farmer's fields to the east of the hill, as they may contain horses.
Frome or Bath.
Just after leaving Westbury on the B3098 to Bratton turn right up Newton Road. At the crossroads at the top of the hill, turn left and drive until the road reaches the large grass common area.
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