May 2007

...but not for Jo and me...

Arrived at Merthyr under a fantastic looking sky at 1130 - too windy. Headed to Focriw - too windy. Spoke to Fi at Frocester, sounded good, so hacked over there enduring the awful traffic on the roadworks outside Aber. Got there at 1430. Guess what, too windy. Fi calls saying she'd had to land at Swindon as her GPS batteries had run out. Later we hear that 100km and 80km flights had also been done from Frocester... Oh bollocks!!!

Looking NW from Merthyr - what a sky!


The day after a bank holiday and the weather's looking good...

...for a trip to Merthyr. I've got the day off so more news later. Could this be my first chance of an xc this year?

This weather is crap!

By the time Saturday comes it'll be one month exactly since the last flight entered in the league, and this is during what is usually the prime xc season! This has to be a record... Please let June be better! April wasn't a bad month overall, coming third in the table of Aprils since (my) records began, but it wasn't that great for weekend pilots.