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The Roman Villa at Combe Down
by Dr Malcolm Aylett


The Roman Villa at Combe Down was discovered in the 1850’s when hundreds of coins and domestic artefacts were found. But it was on a rich source of limestone and soon the site was largely destroyed by quarrying. We are left with tantalising, but very incomplete descriptions and the many artefacts still in local museums. Here we have in this volume, for the first time, a full account of what is known about this fascinating find. This book will be widely read by those with an increasing thirst for things archaeological. There are now more than 30 Roman Villas known to have been within 15 miles of Bath and there are many more to be discovered. But those on our urban doorstep have a particular poignancy for those interested in local history.

  • Published by the Society in 2005
  • 40 pages  35 maps and illustrations
  • 210 X 148 mm  paperback ISBN 0-9550655-1-8

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