History of the Bath Jewish Cemetery

The following is an outline of relevant history has been gleaned from a number of sources which are mentioned later.

A working party organised by the young offenders probation service cut back vegetation and tidied the site in 2003.


This unusual photograph was taken in 1967 and gives an aerial view of the
cemetery. It was published in a Bath Chronicle of Oct 2004.

A history of the cemetery has been published by Judith Samuel. Judith also published, with Malcolm Brown, a History of the Jews in Bath (Bath History Volume I 1986 pp 150-171) which has an Appendix listing details of 51 interments in the cemetery. This list is held by the Heritage Society.

In 1997 The 'Survey of Jewish Built Heritage in the UK & N Ireland' under the auspices of the Jewish Memorial Council was inaugurated. A database of the Survey is being set up in accordance with the Council of Europe's Core Data Index for recording historic buildings and monuments. In 2004 Jewish Heritage UK was set up to complement the Survey and to protect the material cultural heritage. It operates under the auspices of the London Jewish Cultural Centre. As well as maintenance, they stress 'finding imaginative ways of keeping fine old buildings in use'.

Sharman Kadish, Director of Jewish Heritage UK and based in Manchester, has published a comprehensive description of Jewish sites throughout Britain, 'Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society' Vol 49, p 31 - 58 2005 by Sharman Kadish - entitled 'Bet Hayim: An Introduction to Jewish Funerary Art and Architecture in Britain', a copy of which we hold.


Photographs of all the tombstones are held on a 'family history'
website -

Much genealogical data and other information can be foundd here www.jewishgen.org/jcr-uk

This site also holds the 'Susser Archive', documents and papers of the late Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser, historian of the Jews of South West England. His archive, together with his computer disks, had been placed in the care of Frank Gent of the Exeter Synagogue. He extracted the data from Rabbi Susser's disks, and published these, in honour of Rabbi Susser's memory and his work for the Jews of South West England, both present and past. Frank Gent has now donated this information to JCR-UK.

The majority of the original documents and papers have now been deposited by Frank Gent at the Devon Record Office. If you need to refer to the original papers, then contact the Devon Record office www.devon.gov.uk/record_office.htm in the first instance, as they should be able to confirm that they hold the specific material that you are seeking and will also let you know if you need any permissions before viewing the materials.

Further details of these sources are -

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
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phone: +44 208 455 7232

email: chairman@jgsgb.org.uk

website: www.jgsgb.org.uk

Jewish Historical Society of England
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