17/4/2007 - Salisbury Plain Danger Area and XC flying from Westbury

We have recently reached an agreement with the Senior Army Air Operations Officer Salisbury Plain, which allows us to clip the far westernmost part of the danger area.

In the map below the shaded green area to the west of the A350 and the road heading south from it is now ok for us to fly in. Any further east than this line is strictly off limits. The organisers of the national xc league are aware of this agreement.

Upton Scudamore

I know it doesn't look like like a great deal has been gained, but it is about 700m and so it might just might make a difference if you're trying to squeeze round it. Had there been another easy navigational landmark 500m east of the road we might have been able to swing it a bit further, but it was felt important to have an easily identifiable ground feature to navigate by.