25/5/99 - Tim Pentreath, lots of km from "Wells Road

Tuesday 25th was an also a epic day in the Avon area too, in particular at a site that is known by the locals as "Wells Road". I arrived at 0850 and had a quick chat over a cup of coffee to a few others who were already there. It was the usual banter - who's been doing what, what's today going to be like etc... Then it was off to unpack and switch on the computer.

At about 0915 the phone started ringing - where are you, what's happening? etc. Yup, the day was starting to hot up, earlier than usual. I was starting to get that slightly anxious feeling when you know it's going to be a big day.

By 1100 I was as prepared as I was ever going to be - I had worked out on the map the route I was hoping to take, and figured that in the prevailing conditions it should take about two hours. I had a quick pee, strapped in, waited for the right moment and was off. It was the usual melee to start with - you really needed to concentrate - but after a while I found myself in a some empty space, and started to relax a little.

I won't bore you with all the details of the trip - but everything went more or less to plan (I find the M4 an excellent navigation aid) although I did have to reduce speed and top-up earlier than planned. I just love my machine though - it's got fantastic speed and it turns so sweetly, but you do have to take care cornering in rough conditions when going fast as you can lose it big time!

Fortunately nothing that exciting happened and at just before 1300 I saw my destination ahead - I had judged it perfectly, and turned gently into a suitable clearing, switched off and gathered my stuff together.

I then spent a couple of hours chatting with the locals - I have to say they were very friendly (no mad farmers around here) - they even offered me food and drink! Then at about 1500 I thought I had better start making my way back. I called my mates back at the site to let them know how it had gone and when I thought I'd be back, and then headed off.

I have to say the retrieve was a doddle, pretty much exactly the route I'd come, although it did take a little longer. Back at the site, I was quizzed by all and treated a bit like a conquering hero (well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration there!) - but by the third or fourth run through of the days events I was getting a little tired, and so at 1745 I decided to head home to the family.

All in all a fantastic day - I'll certainly remember it for a long while to come!

Yours officebound

Tim Pentreath