Rules for entering flights into the Avon PG XC League

The Avon PG XC League is meant to be a friendly (and competitive!) league for pilots of all abilities - it doesn't matter whether you're the local skygod or are just thinking about leaving the hill for the first time, you're welcome to enter. Please enter all your flights, even if you bomb out after 5km, after all, this site holds details of all flights going back to 1995 so feel free to treat it as a sort of xc logbook!

So enter into the spirit of the competition, but please observe good airmanship at all times, and above all FLY SAFELY!

  • Flights must be entered within 30 days of making the flight
  • A flight can only be entered if you are a full Avon member at the time of making the flight AND you consider Avon to be your "primary" club*
  • Airspace restrictions must be observed during your flight - study an airmap before the flight and use one during the flight
  • Site rules must be obeyed (eg. don't fly Pandy when it's closed!)
  • Flights can be made from any UK site
  • Flights must be over 5km (half National XC League distance)
  • Triangle flights must be over 7.5km (half National XC League distance)
  • Witnesses are not required

Email your flights to me, Tim Pentreath, at (or phone or fax 01225 832922) including the following information:

  • Your name:
  • Date:
  • Glider:
  • Take off grid ref: (OS National grid, ie. AB 123 456)
  • Landing grid ref: (OS National grid, ie. AB 123 456)
  • And any description, or photos of the flight you feel like including - it'll all go on the website.

I've written some quidelines on using a GPS for xc flying - you can read it here.

* Primary club - Avon must be the club that you specify when entering the flight in the National XC League