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2001 - oh dear...

The season was just getting going when out of the blue came foot and mouth which effectively meant that all xc flying was banned for 6 months, missing the best spring & summer we've had for ages. Even when we were allowed to fly the sites again, xc flying was forbidden and it wasn't until the end of August until the first few xc flights were made.

Most notably was Garry Mitchell's 49km flight from Westbury on Monday August 27th (August Bank Holiday). Stafford Evans also left with Garry, achieving his personal best of 24km.

However in light of the continued ban on xc flying in certain parts of the country the Committee decided not to run the league this year, so sorry Garry, your tremendous flight goes unrewarded, but not forgotten!

Anyway, lets hope that 2002 is a better year for us all...

Tim Pentreath - 27/11/2001