BHPA - British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association

Avon HG & PG Club - Avon HG & PG Club website

Avon HG & PG Club Yahoo group - Avon HG & PG Club discussion list

British Paragliding Competitions (includes national XC league) - excellent new international paragliding forum

Thames Valley HG Club

The Mighty Wessex

The Malverns HG & PG Club

Devon & Somerset Condors

North Devon Hang-gliding Club

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Snowdonia Sky Sports

Welsh site picker - use this handy tool to pick your site in Wales!

Weatherjack - very useful site giving soaring predictions up to 5 days in advance

XCWeather - brilliant site reporting realtime conditions (well almost) from airfields around the country

Metcheck - good 7 day forecasts (Wiltshire, Monmouthshire)

WeatherOnline - a useful source of recent past, current and forecast weather data

OnlineWeather - mountain and sailing forecasts, along with links to numerous weather resources, including Met Office forecast charts. I've actually found the forecasts to be a bit up the creek recently, and hardly ever use it now except to look at Met Office synoptic charts (from Wetterzentrale) and the US Air Force Europe forecasts... (view next 5 days here)

Wetterzentrale - Met Office synoptic charts: T +0, +24, +36, +48, +60, +72, +84, +96, +108, +120 hrs (alternatively, click here to see them all in one go)

WendyWindblows - realtime weather reports from flying sites around the country

Halo (Thyr) - reckoned by some to be the most accurate forecasts on the web - BUT NOW SUBSCRIPTION ONLY!

BBC broadband forecast (requires Real Player)

BBC Weather Centre - South, wind map

BBC Weather Centre - Satellite images

Latest UK visible satellite - updated hourly from the Met Office

Latest UK rainfall - updated half hourly from the Met Office

Meteoblue - Weatherjack reckons we should use this!

Europen medium range forecasts - Alan D swears by this - "850mb (approx 4000') temperature, relative humidity & winds"

Snowdon webcam

GPS / Airspace

Mike Miller's GPS/Airmap page

My GPS page - some tips on GPS usage

Ulf's GPS page - VERY USEFUL!

Scottish Mountaineering Club UK TOPO maps

Google Earth Airspace - thanks to Lloyd Bailey

Airspace maps for Garmins


Airtopia - local PG school based near Stroud, run by Robin Brown

Par Avion - local PG school based near Marlborough, run by John Fitzpatrick (Fitz)


Flybubble Paragliding - Run by British Paragliding Team member, and BHPA Senior Paragliding Instructor, Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble Paragliding provide first-rate thermalling, cross country and SIV paragliding trips and courses in the UK and world-wide, for all levels of paraglider pilot. (Click here for photos from my Flybubble trip to Brazil)


Options Insurance - very good value travel insurance (no longer cover HG/PG)

White Horse Marquees - suppliers of the Mere Bash marquee, owned by Avon pilot Bertie Grotian

Illusion Stage Hire - provided the superb marquee and stage for the 2004 Mere Bash. Phone Gye Dibben on 07973 907710