10/7/2005 - Wayne Seeley, 125km from XClent

Got lucky getting away from the field and climbed straight out to base (the first of only two climbs to base). Pretty easy going down to Stroud, the blue was working well. Got lowish (700ft) over the back of Selsley but some gliders showed me the way. From there on I had clouds so blitzed it down to Bath but got a bit too ambitious at Bath and took a massive glide from the racecourse to the back of Bath. Managd to get the climb but was about 200ft, luckily it was good so pressed on from 3000ft. When I realised the 100k was a possibility I backed off and took a climb to base at 89k, confident that the O6 wouldn’t let me down. Made 100k with 2000ft so carried on. That’s when it got really good, big wide climbs and basically sraightlined for 15k. Then the problem arose, got to the end of the airmap and decided to land. That was 5pm so probably had 2-3 hrs left in the day. Doh. Still, can’t complain!