16/05/2004 - Tim Pentreath, 24.4km from Talybont

After a long sweaty walk up and a bit of sitting around at the top a good cycle came through and Ken, Stephen, Jim and I were on our way to base at 5000'. There was only the slightest northerly drift...

Ken cranks it up

Jim's there too...

The glide to Talybont village was horrible - big sink much of the way, but the
brown fields and the hill worked, so it was back to base, this time at 5700'

I found the climb before Ken & Stephen and left them far below :-)
(This is zoomed in !)

Then it was over Llangorse Lake, after which Ken and I
skirted just to the west of the Black Mountains

Another glide, another cloud...

But all good things come to an end, and eventually the ground rose up to meet me :-)

A great day, a great flight!
(map from www.gpsvisualizer.com)