"The Climb"

(Imagine you are thermalling - ie. start at the bottom!)

1 mile high, yes I’ve arrived!
almost there, it’s going grey,
Why me? So lucky, so privileged,
2500 feet, close to base, round and round...
Beep, beep, beep, still going up,
Abergavenney, Swansea, wow, wow, WOW!
2000 feet, I can see for miles,
the Black Mountains, far away,
on my own, up so high,
Still circling, round and round,
Llangorse Lake, God it’s beautiful...
vario beeping, 1500 feet now,
Pen-y-Fan, Fan Gyhircyh,
cooler now, what a view!
1000 feet, getting high,
Join them, up, up, endless circles,
pair of buzzards, going up!
where’s it gone? Look around,
slowing down, slowing down,
look around, relax a bit,
getting easier, 500 feet,
Up, up, YES! 400 feet,
250 feet, now down, where is it?
Beep, beep, going up, and up,
Don’t give up, find it!
Down, down, fight, fight!
Up, up, stay in it,
down, down, where’s the lift?
vario beeping, up, up, up,
step off, I’m flying,
Go, go! Glider up,
wait, wait, feel the wind.
lay out, kit on,
I finally arrive, a better slope,
walk, walk, on my own.
Walk, walk, up in the hills,
decision time, stay or walk?
Kit off, pack up, walk up,
go down...
try again, go, go!
Lay out, wait,
hot, hot, hot.
Bundle up, walk back up,
...not for long.
step off, I’m flying,
Go, go! Glider up,
wait, wait, feel the wind.
Lay out, kit on,
shirt off, cool down.
Sunny skies, long walk-up,

Tim Pentreath 15/7/2002