24/7/99 - Tom Mayne, 37.9km from Talybont

Hi Tim,

I went to Talybont for the first time at the weekend, and I wasn't disappointed. The walk up of course was a killer, and having made a late start, I didn't make it to take off until 2:30pm. It was worth it, as the view as I climbed out was spectacular. Having reached cloud base 2,500ft above the top, I glided off to the North East, just under the sea-breeze front, where the cloudbase was lower, unfortunately there was little lift, and I carried on, and nearly went down. I had to turn back towards the front to find somewhere with some sun on the ground.

The next half an hour was very slow, with weak lift, and slow drift. I eventually reached Crickhowell, where things started to improve, with sun on the ground and the drift improving. The Sugar Loaf drifted by beneath me as I thermalled with two other pilots, wonderful. Soon we were at cloud base and heading out into the flatlands, a couple more fairly weak climbs extended the flight till 5:30, and nearly 40kms.

Date - 24-07-99
Canopy - Nova Vertex 24
Site - Talybont
Take off grid ref - SO 065 194
Landing grid ref - SO 444 202
Distance - 37.9 Km