25/5/99 - Tom Mayne, 24.0km from Selsley Common

Hi Tim,

The second flight was yesterday, more midweek flying! I Spent most of the afternoon flying on Selsley in quite difficult conditions, windy, small turbulent thermals. I had pretty much given up hope of going XC, but at about 4:15 it got a lot easier, and I finally had a good climb. I lost the thermal when I was just out of reach of the hill, at about 1800ft above take off, and went on a glide above Minchinhampton Common. After losing 1000ft and thinking this would be another 6km XC, I blundered into another thermal. This one took me to slowly Cloud base, from there the remainder of the flight was one long glide, extended by a small climb, and a few zeros.

Date - 17-06-99
Canopy - Nova Vertex 24
Site - Selsley Common
Take off grid ref - SO 828 032
Landing grid ref - ST 945 822

Distance - 24 km