6/5/03 - Tony Moore, 39km from Bell Hill

(photos: Neil Hutchison)

Hi Tim

Had a cracking flight from Bell yesterday. It started off with a scrappy 30 minutes on the ridge and when I finally connected with something, weak as it was, I decided that I didn't want to go back to the hill so stayed with it. I've never left a hill so low before. I was joined by Neil Hutchison and together we marked the lift and drifted downwind climbing ever so slowly. We topped out and flew to a weakish looking cloud that seemed to work well, finally getting close to base about 20K from Bell. I was wary of the class D airspace and eventually north of Wareham we went our separate ways, Neil taking a more easterly track and I was left speeding to a good looking cloud over Wareham, going down fast. I got there with 1200' and climbed up to base at 4K7, having lost sight of Neil.

Then it was a glide over Corfe Castle, picking up bits of lift in the "curtain cloud" when I spotted Neil again, He was over the Ballard Down ridge, high.

We both headed to Durlston head, he arrived before me but with more height and we landed within a minute of each other. A fantastic flight, and the bonus was Mrs Neil collecting us and taking us back to the hill!

Take off ST 798 085 Bell Hill 6/5/03 14:15
Landing SZ 033 774 Durlston Point 15:45
Nova Xray