25/4/02 - Tony Moore, 17.7km from Bell Hill

Hi Tim

I blagged the afternoon off work and sped off to Bell Hill. As I arrived I saw a gaggle of about 6 gliders winding their way to base and heading off. A bit light for Hang Gliding So Out came the Blues and took off at 2:10pm.

Scratchy for 45 minutes and then a massive thermal came in and slowly took me and 3 others to base, 4K2 asl. The sky was blue downwind so we all stayed with this cloud for about 6K (15 kph wind drift)untill it ran out. Then it was on a glide and looking for ground sources. I got to a line of ploughed fields at about 1200 asl and they kept me up for a while longer before that eventually died too. Landed at 4:10pm.

Take off ST 798 085 Bell Hill 14:10
Land SY 895 937 A35 16:10
Distance 17.7 Km
Glider UP Blues