24/4/99 - Simon Kerr, 27.1km from Merthyr

Hi Tim,

Well what a lovely day it was ehhh!!!! I hear congratulations are in order for you getting away from Westbury yesterday, someone told me you did 12km, Well done!!!

I too managed the first flop over the back of the year. T.O. was Merthyr SO 077 036, I climbed out to about 1500 ATO drifting SE, lost it and came back past the hill over the valley. After about 20 min staying really high I got the second climb which started out as a good 4-6 up. I eventually made base about 7-8 km downwind, again on a SE track. The cloud suck was quite strong so I left that cloud and proceded on a downwind glide heading towards Bargoed and Newport. I got my second climb south of Bargoed, back to base at about 4500 AMSL. It was then that I reached the sea breeze convergence and turned East, cruised along here towards the bridge without turning once. The convergence sort of disappered after a while and I made very little effort to stay up, so I ended up landing just to the West of Caerleon ST 318 913. The GPS gives it as 27 km on the nail, and I give it 10 out of 10, 3 hrs airtime, a beautiful day, and a bosting first X/C for the year.