12/05/03 - Stephen Chiles, 34km from Olivers

Hi Tim

A new pb for me.....

Date: Friday 9th May 2003
Take off: SU000646 (Olivers)
Landing: SU346679 (Hungerford Common)
Distance: 34.8km

After all the pep talks on Thursday night at the club meeting I went to bed full of enthusiasm and woke up very early raring to go. I nipped into work and kept an eye on the weather until 0930 and then decided to head for Olivers (along with quite a few other people as it turned out).

It was a bit scratchy to start off with (with only Adrian Thomas getting away) but then a big thermal came along and virtually everyone on the hill managed to get up. Cloud base was about 5000 feet amsl and I sat there for about 20km not dropping below 4500 feet. Most people had rushed off but I still had a couple of companions although they eventually dropped away (including Tim Guilford). Coming off the Marlborough Downs I couldn't get away from the massive sink and after a feeble thermal en route I eventually glided to land on Hungerford Common.

My fingers/toes..etc eventually defrosted (I was wearing ski gloves !)

Also after all the club meeting tips I had a very easy hitch back (the "Glider Pilot" sign helped a lot here!) Sadly, it was blown out when I got back but I was more than happy with my little effort.