28/07/02 - Rich Harding, 9.1km from Draycott Sleights

A short but enjoyable flight today - I've always said that Draycott Sleights had potential and now I'm even starting to believe myself :-)

Date: 28/07/02
Time: 13:30
Duration: 0:30
TO: ST 483 518 (Draycott Sleights)
LZ: ST 561 565 (West Harptree)
Distance Claimed: 9.1km

Very weird - got down there about 11.30 and Alex and Jo turned up 45 mins later, with it still very light and seemingly slightly off to the south. Half an hour later it suddenly blew up and we got the gliders out, Alex launching 30secs before me. I shouted to him as he flew over that in this direction the line of trees that you walk past on the way to the front of the hill (and the slope below them) were probably working and they were. Headed over after him and not two minutes later we're screaming up in a very snorty thing. The sailplanes (every time the trainer aircraft) had been getting nothing before but it launched again straight at us as we climbed out and tried to work it below us. Alex knew the drift was too far N to be much use but you also know me! I found another climb 5km downwind but had to pull out of it as I was tracking almost towards Ubley and very definitely towards Bristol airspace. Needless to say the 90 degree crosswind glide didn't work and I ended up scooting over the other side of the Mendips to land under the 1500ft airspace in West Harptree.