31/7/99 - Pete Taylor, 12.7km from Talybont

Hi Tim,

Whilst waiting for the total eclipse (holiday down in Plymouth), I must submit my latest but not greatest (vastly overshadowed by a certain Mr Coltman) flights:

Date: Saturday 31st July 1999

Driving to Wales with Alex the sky looked rather uninspiring with a heavy inversion, on reaching The Brecons, the haze lifted and clouds were forming over the Talybont area. We duly walked up to the first plateau above the car park, Alex immediately took off into a boomer out over the forest, whilst I fiddled around with some pliers cutting off my broken speed system pulleys and hastily attaching new ones. Alex had now disappeared over the back as I prepared to take-off into the 15m.p.h (in compression) SE wind. I spent the next 15 mins sulking around takeoff before deciding to slip further back in the bowl. From here I caught a 4-up climb and drifted NW over Craigs towards Pen Y Fan, after working a few lee-siders I arrived overhead Pen Y Fan at 4600ft amsl, Clouds were forming regularly over the high ground and persisting NW into the flatlands past Senny-Bridge, I decided to stick with the high ground for a while, eventually flying out over Fan-Frynynych into the SennyBridge Valley. The downwind drift was quite good now, so out of lift I flew over al the possible ground sources I thought would produce, but no avail. So there I was on the deck with the Hill just behind SennyBridge in sight (this would definitely have produced something, oh well next time). The worst part was waiting for Alex to phone in, upto 2-hours of silence from Alex was okay (because this probably meant he was having a horrendous walkout in the boonies somewhere), but after 3-hours of silence from Mr Coltman I had the gut feeling he was still in the air on the way to the coast. This proved to be the case, with Alex completing an amazing 56Km. Well Done. Only three people left the Hill that day!

Canopy - Advance Epsilon 2
Site - Talybont Reservoir (Craig Y Fan Ddu Ridge)
TO grid ref - SO 054184
LZ grid ref - SN 946 253
Distance claimed - 12.7km