12/04/03 - Pete Douglas, 16.9km from Arenig Fawr

After a really low scratchy save got up in a thermal way out in front of take off and managed to get up into the proper valley thermals above Arenig Fach (South Snowdonia). Lift improved eventually to 6-7 m/s up sustained for ages getting me up to 6500 ft cloudbase.

Drifted back with it over the flatlands eventually losing height and needing another save from 1000ft over a valley at Moel Marchyria. Found it at last and got back to about 4500ft drifting so slowly back on track for the Glyders.

Then I lost patience with it (fatal mistake) and went for a fast glide thinking I would find something at Moel Siabod (the sharp horse-shoe bowl before the Glyders valley.) Dead Air (sea breazed) went down at the bowl.

If I'd gone left over the flat bit I might have scraped into goal but landed 5km short at 16.9km - my longest and highest UK flight.

Date: 12 04 03
Glider: Windtech Syncro
Take off Ref: SH 820 415
Landing Ref: SH 712 545

Pete Douglas