26/03/03 - Pete Douglas, 15.4km from Pandy

Hi Tim

Please log my first proper XC this year:

After 2 days doing the Pandy run as far as the Gap I finally got over in smooth sustained 3 m/s lift to 927m (2800ft)ASL, 508m ATO well into the inversion layer (was this wave?) then 4 m/s sink down onto the Hay ridge. No lift there as the wind seemed off to the SE so a very fast run along the ridge and down to the Bluff Car Park.

Very interesting flight back down the Llanthony valley in more wavy conditions after walking up the hill to arrive just before dark in the valley at the slope behind Mrs Claytons farm.

View back towards Pandy just before
pushing out across gap to Hay ridge

Flight date: 26 March 2003
Glider: Windtech Syncro
Take Off Ref (Pandy) S0 315 69 ???
Landing Ref (Bluff Car Park) S0 239 29 ???
15.4km straight line distance.

Pete Douglas