17th-18th June 1999, Nationals report
by Nico Preston (3rd place)

Hi Tim,

In answer to your europg question about the Nats, we had two good days, Thurs and Fri, with Sat and Sun blown out. Task 1 was open XC but nobody got further than 36km and most less than 20km despite the nice looking sky.

Task 2 looked tricky with as race to goal at Chris Dawes' towing field 89.9km away and a lot of blue sky over the back from Long Mynd. However, 21 pilots made over 70km with Russell Ogden landing just 200m from the line. None made goal.

Overall, Steve Senior came first with Richard Westgate second and somehow, which I still don't understand, I came third. Unfortunately, Steve Purdie, who should have been third, lost all his points for task 2 because both his cameras jammed and he had no photos.

Anyway, here are my flights (the distance on the second one is slightly different to that in the comp results because the comp distance was taken along the track to goal and not open XC):

t/o Llandinam SO 034 873
l/z Dlyfelin (near Heyop, near Knighton) SO 227 741
Distance 23.4km

t/o Long Mynd SO 403 919
l/z Knightsfield Farm (near Uttoxeter) SK 082 315
Distance 78.6km

Canopy on both flights was Ozone Proton (medium).

All the best,