16/03/03 - Mike Andrews, 6.7km and 14.3km from Pandy

Hi Tim

At last the wind moderated!

Pandy - Gently thermic proved tricky for the low airtimers who were dropping down all over the place. At noon I got as far as the Black Darren cliffs before totally losing lift and having to leave the ridge because of the horrific rocks and chasm below (and a pair of peregrines nesting). I tried for a low save over the trees in the Red Darren bowl, but as it was my first flight for 5 months I erred on the side of caution and went for the car park, landing on the road to the puzzlement of picnickers. I immediately got a lift back to t.o. by Alex a city broker who 'liked taking risks' and therefore wanted to learn to paraglide!

Second go at 14.05 I made it again (using thermals) to Black Darren SO 298 295 and then back to Hatteral Hill fort tree clump 324 229 before returning to t.o. at 318 234. If I am allowed the whole ridge run that is about 14k.

Coming back from the second run I saw Alex and we shared a couple of thermals. The old Astral still seems to climb well - but I have lost weight!

Mike Andrews