0310/02 - Mike Andrews, 22.4km from Frocester

Hi Tim

It looked like a Frocester day - so I set off at 12.30. I found Will Price on take off and just beat him into the air. Wayne Seeley had just spent a couple of hours in little wind and had just gone straight down on his Omega 5. I seemed to get the timing right at 13.20 and was soon in front of the ridge. It took a few cycles to get a solid enough thermal - the wind was a bit off to the North. I then climbed out to the northern side of Nympsfield while Will went straight back over the winch at rather low level (I had actually warned him about the flashing light etc.). Cloud base was only 2500 and the lift scrappy and not very strong, but there were good streets. Most of the flight was in weak lift chasing the sunny edge of the clouds and sunshine on the ground. It is only the second time I have got away from Frocester and I was a bit fussed working out my track and airspace but all went well. I last saw Will higher and behind me, but didn't see him again. On landing near the Oaksey air strip I was amazed to find that Wayne had chased me all the way from Frocester to give me an immediate lift back. What a nice guy!!

T/O Frocester SO794016
Turn point N of Nympsfield (to clear winch) SO805017
Landing Stert Farm, Oaksey near Kemble ST998927.
Swing Astral.
1hr 11mins.

Best regards