28/07/02 - Mike Andrews, 22.4km from Merthyr

Hi Tim.

Laragne was good if pretty demanding. On Sunday 28.7.02 I headed for Merthyr and was surprised to find hardly anybody there. It was a bit southerly but thermals were coming in with the strongish breeze. You had to wait for a lull to take off.

After one cruise up and down for 20 mins, and time for sandwiches, I lobbed off again and found a series of thermals to wind up to about 800 ft ato. It was mostly blue and only wisps of cloud gave any guidance to the broken but reasonable lift. I got several more weak thermals to near the rather low cb of about 2,500 (at least compared to 10,000 ft in France) and managed to track over the valleys and to the north of the heads of the valleys road before going east again, when the lift was weaker. Once again I lost the lift over the valley before Abergavenny, and despite trying various triggers for low saves came down beyond Gilwern for a flight - with the turn point - exactly the same as my earlier one this year. It all seemed a bit easy after France! Actually I took off from the southern t.o. in the small bowl, but I don't have the co-ordinates for that.

Swing Astral (now 4 years old!)
Merthyr Common SO 078036
via Mynydd Llangatwg SO 188138 (photo)
to Glanbaiden sewage works, Gilwern
23.1km. 1:05 hrs.

A kind soul called Terence gave me a lift from the Gilwern roundabout all the way back to take-off.

Mike Andrews