15/04/02 - Mike Andrews, 19.7km from Hay Bluff

Hi Tim,

I was in Cornwall over Easter for two weeks so did not fly, but liked the look of the sky yesterday (15th April) and after ringing Rich, whocould not come, headed for Hay Bluff.

The sky looked great on the way, though the clouds had little vertical depth - a sign of brief life?? By the time I got to the Bluff and up it, it was 1400 and I thought I had missed the best of the day. Si others had got away, but it looked over-developed now. About four others were soaring - and some going down.

I waited for a thermal - only about 15 mins - and soon found a lot of lift out beyond the front of the hill which, at about the third try, took me to CB at 4,500 ft. I got a second thermal over the Black Mountains, which gave me an average over 15 secs of 4.5m/s at max lift -again to CB. But then the mountains were heavily in shade and I headed further downwind and southeast over the valley (mindful of the SAS). I found only one more weaker scrappy thermal, despite looking under clouds and over brown fields etc. I then did not like the lack of roads ahead (for me unknown country) and headed for the Skirrid, probably a mistake. I landed half a km short of the Skirrid. I felt I should have done better, but it's the best flight I have had in 2 years (including Brazil!).

19.7 km in 60 mins, was, I suppose, quite quick. It was v cold at 4,500 ft. It took me five different lifts hitch-hiking and 3 hours to get back to the Bluff car-park! There was absolutely nobody around when I landed, so no witness, but I did take photos en route and on landing. Can I claim it for the BHPA national PG league?

Forward of Hay Bluff SO 243 368 to beyond Cefn NE of Skirrid 341 197.
19.7 Km, Swing Astral.

This afternoon looked even better but we had a plumbing crisis!