07/04/00 - Mike Andrews, 13.7km from Tal-y-Bont

Strong Thermic,blue conditions again with 4.5 m/s. and big sink. I climbed straight out from the SSW facing Cwar y Gigfran cliff and tracked 010. Some buzzards confirmed that there was lift from the bowl in front of Cefn Bryn and I found a third wide smooth thermal just beyond the mountains which took me to the top of the inversion. I had hoped to get a thermal off Brecon Barracks but found nothing except bits and pieces, so took advantage of the strong southerly wind to extend my glide.

I should probably have tried to find lift from the topography - but I don't know the area (my first XC there) and from 2000 ft it all looked flat! I landed on top of a hill having had some temptation towards a low save - which I didn't follow through because all the other fields had animals or cables.


Mike Andrews