13/02/00 - Mike Andrews, 4.6km from Westbury

Hello Tim

It was a good day at Westbury last Sunday 13.2.00, as I expect you have heard. Several HGs got high and there were a good turnout of PGs. Conditions by the time I got there about 11.30 were light and dumped PGs at times. Lift seemed mostly thermic and mostly from the Chimney, but I don't know the site that well.

After getting to about 650 ft ato and in good lift, but drifting back, I thought I would explore the ridge to the West as I had never done an XC at Westbury - being frightened of the range. Lift was poor tho I found a few weak thermals to circle in to delay my descent.

I flew from Bratton Spur 898 518 to land just past the farm at Halfway 871 481, 4.4 km. Not much, but it was my first flight of the year.

I was joined about ten minutes later by Alan (surname unknown) for whom it was his first XC. We walked to the main road and were thumbing at a bus stop when a bus came by which took us back to Westbury. I then hitched to the top and was back within 45 mins of landing. By then the thermals had died down so I did a bit of ridge-soaring. Interesting when the HGs came through low at speed.

Definition of a paraglider, the only kind of plane you can take on a bus. (Last XC I took it on a train!)

Best regards

Mike Andrews