23/8/05 - Jim Mallinson, 63.3km from rybury

Hi Tim,


Had another fun flight yesterday:


Club: Avon

Glider: Gradient Avax RSE

Date: 23rd August 2005

Time: 13:05

Duration: 2hrs 20mins

Evidence: GPS

Take-off: Rybury (SU710716)

Landing: Reading (SU082638)

Distance: 63.3k

Score: 63.3


I only went up the hill (take off is a mile from our new house) because a friend from India turned up out of the blue and wanted a fly. It was looking a bit windy and blue but on for some soaring. I didn't have a jacket or a map and took off into a boomer. Clouds formed down track and it was a fairly straightforward flight until I began to feel extremely cold in just a thin fleece at a 5300' base under a short cloud street just before Newbury. I gladly flew off the end of it and down and then wafted along in glorious sunshine at under 2000' for about another 20k. I thought I'd better land in Reading because I wasn't sure about airspace ceilings etc. Of course it was booming everywhere so it took a while. I cunningly landed in a field surrounded on all four sides by a stream but that's another story...


See you,