20/08/03 - Jim Mallinson, 51.3km from Olivers

Hi Tim,

TO Olivers SU 000 646 1420hrs
LZ Greenham Common SU 513 644 1640 hrs
Distance 51.3km
Witness: Jeff the Paratech dealer

Jeff, Mike Hibbett and I climbed out together and slowly made it to a five grand base over Milk Hill in various unorganised climbs. Once at base the lift was tremendous: I h 6 m/s on the averager. The sky was very uninspiring, with hardly any sun on the ground, so I did a few wingovers and generally enjoyed being at base for a while with Jeff. I glided ahead to the Martinsell massif where there were three or four sailplanes climbing at various heights. Once at base there I went on a long glide over the only ground in sun and ended up thinking I'd be landing a few km short of the Rivar Hill gliding club. I then got a low save on the ridge and climbed in full view of the sailplane pilots as they towed up, and some of them came and joined me in the thermal. Back at base over Combe where Jeff joined me, and we wafted along, marvelling at how buoyant the air was, as there was still no sun on the ground. I eventually went for a glide over Newbury, thought I had a climb but it never came together and I landed on the old Greenham Common runway pretending to be a B-52. Jeff floated on for another 10k or so and Mike landed very near me.