06/05/03 - Jim Mallinson, 39.7km from Liddington

Hi Tim

Here are the details of my flight on tuesday:

TO Liddington 1400hrs SU 206 797 witness Eddie
LZ Kingsclere Golf Course SU 542 585 witness Mr Phillips 01635 297 393

After much frenzied telephoning we decided on Liddington thinking it was NW and windy. It was WNW and light so we were quite frustrated faffing about on the hill and even more so when we saw Steve Ham fly over at about 12. Eventually Tim Guilford, Abigail Barr, Eddie Colfox and I climbed out. We got to base on the first climb and I could hear lots of radio discussion between Tim and Abi about what to do next. Meanwhile Eddie, fresh from our acro course in Annecy was doing big asymmetric spirals out of cloud. We then glided towards a climbing sailplane which, as usual, moved off when we were about half way there. I turned north towards a cloud, got a climb and was joined by the other three. The next glide was towards Combe. Looking at the satpic it seems as though we were in about the worst bit of southern England at that point, with considerable spreadout. There was hardly any sun on the ground and Tim and Abi went down. Eddie and I got up from about 1000 feet over a pig farm in the sun. Then we glided to Newbury where we got one more climb before gliding over completely shaded ground to a landing near Kingsclere.