07/08/03 - Jim Mallinson, 38.7km from Martinsell

TO Martinsell 1550 hrs
LZ Winsley 1730 hrs ST 793 612

Distance 38.7 km

Climbed away with Sam very soon after taking off in a good 2.5 m/s thermal up to wispy haze caps at about 4500 feet, where it was freezing. Drift was due west over a friend's dad's house so lots of pictures. Thermals were very close together and their tops were all marked by wispy bits so I didn't lose much height as I went along the south edge of the downs, over Golden Ball (where Sam landed), then Paravion's training site, then Milk Hill and Tan Hill before gliding towards Oliver's. I was worried that the thermals would peter out after the high ground but I got a lovely gentle leeside climb off Oliver's which set me up nicely for the flats. I made sure I didn't enter the southern end of Lyneham airspace by following the canal west from Devizes. Then south of Melksham with good views of Westbury and Chippenham. Got another weakish climb north of Trowbridge and was very keen to make my goal, my best man Seb's house south of Bath, but started losing height over Bradford-on-Avon and landed next to an old people's home at Winsley. Immediately got a lift to Bath where I took a train back home to Chippenham and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea 45 mins after landing. Lovely!