15/07/02 - Jim Mallinson, 54.3km from Coombe Gibbet

July 15th

Take off 1330 hrs
Turnpoint: Mottisfont Abbey SU 328 268
Landing 1600 hrs Woodgreen SU 165 175
Total Distance 54.5km (35.7 + 18.8)
Take off witness Eddie Colfox
Landing witness Woodgreen postmistress

Eddie and I arrived to find about ten pilots umming and ahhing themselves out of flying. We got ready, took off and climbed out immediately. With base at about 4500' we made steady progress in a NNE wind until we realised that we were heading for Bournemouth airspace and headed west. We were soon on the ground, Eddie about 10k before me. Great fun flying with Eddie, and lovely views, especially Danebury Ring hillfort.