11/05/02 - Jim Mallinson, 34.2km from Westbury

I had a lovely flight from Westbury on Saturday. It took 4 separate climbs to get to base, one at the NE end of the ridge, one marked by Rich and others over the horse, one in front of the quarry marked by two buzzards, and the last out over Westbury under a big cloud. From then on it was easy, lots of playing around under and in clouds until I reached a massive sheet of alto-cu which stretched all the way to the coast and beyond, completely cutting out the sun. I played about on the edge of it for about half an hour, hoping that it might break up but it didn't, and I landed somewhere SW of Salisbury, 34k from take off.

The retrieve looked very dodgy until, walking down a country lane, Craig Byrne (see pilot profile in this months Skywings) came the other way, from Monk's Down where he'd been flying tandem with his daughter, Emily. He was on his way to Southampton, but very kindly took me all the way back to the hill.

May 11th
Glider Ozone Proton GT
TO Westbury ST 897 515, 2.15pm
LZ nr. Martin Drove End SU 045 207, 4.20pm
Distance 34.2km