15/4/02 - Jim Mallinson, 23.5km from Westbury (scores as 46.9km)

I'd got to about 4500' at 12.30 and came back down for lunch because I thought that conditions would improve and I'd set off for the coast a bit later.....3 hot and sweaty hours later I was feeling a bit stupid. Then Gary led the way, finding a climb south along the ridge. It tracked down towards the quarry where it sorted itself out and took us all the way to base. Gary got there first and headed off to the next cloud street. I decided to head upwind along the street I was under and had an easy cruise to beyond Trowbridge and back. My map wasn't folded for that direction and I wasn't sure where Lyneham airspace started: I could probably have gone further. Next time! Got to 6400' under one cloud, totally freezing but amazing views.

April 15th
Ozone Proton GT
Flat triangle:
TO/LZ Westbury White Horse ST 898 515
TP1 edge of quarry ST 887 503
TP2 Holt caravan park next to railway line ST 872 616
Total 23.4 km, points claimed 46.8
Take off 15:45, Landing 17:20, witness for both Alex Coltman.