02/03/02 - Jim Mallinson, 39.4km from Coombe Gibbett

Hi Tim,

I went to Combe Gibbett yesterday and had a lovely flight. There were lots of pilots there (including Fiona Mac so I wasn't the only treacherous Avon member) enjoying a beautiful spring day. Quite a few people had gone over the back by the time I arrived but it was a bit early and none got very far. I left the hill at about 1.30 with Tim Guilford and we scrabbled along at not more than 2000 feet for about 10k before finally getting up to base at 3500. A couple of clouds later I lost Tim when he went into twitcher mode and glided off after a buzzard.

I had to stay low through the outer limits of Southampton airspace before landing on the edge of the Class D bit, next to the A272 between Winchester and Petersfield. Very chilly but good fun!

Date March 2nd
TO Combe SU 358 623 at about 1.30
LZ Gander Down SU 542 275 at about 3.15
Glider Ozone Proton GT
Distance 39.4 km