19/07/00 - Jim Mallinson, 72.0km from Combe Gibbett

Dear Tim,

I had a great flight from Coombe on Wednesday after bombing out for a long walk out at Hay Bluff the day before and missing out on Hugh, Graham and Alex's fun...

Glider Ozone Octane M
Date 19/7/00
Time 2.30
TO Coombe Gibbett SU 358 623
LZ Graffham SU 920 173
Duration 3.15 hrs.
Distance 72.0 km.

I was borrowing the Octane that Hugh was reviewing so that he and Claudia could get some photos of it from the tandem. I climbed out once with Graham Steele earlier on but we came back to the hill. A while later another climb took us pretty much straight upwards to base. I went forward thinking of a triangle but found a fairly strong headwind so turned back to join Sam Moffett who was climbing out from the hill. We went to another cloud and climbed again to base from where we set off on a glide. Sam found a very nice core which I joined him in and then we glided towards Basingstoke. We circled in zeros and ones for a while and then went for a small town in the sun. It didn't really work and Sam landed. I went for the other side of the M3 and got up in a broken climb from about 800'. That fizzled out and I was heading for a landing in the middle of nowhere and a longish walk to the nearest village. No more than 100' above the edge of a field which was being harvested I found a solid core that got me up to about 2500' in the company of a couple of sailplanes from Lasham. I glided over the edge of a wood and found a good climb which took me back to base and into some very good air. I reached Petersfield at base, glided across it and got a climb up into the sea-breeze convergence. I straight-lined for a while until over the South Downs I found myself in the sea air and had a very smooth glide all the way to a few hundred feet from the deck where the southerly sea breeze was making gentle rotor in the lee of the downs. I landed near a couple of cottages and was asked in for a cuppa. I was only a few miles from Claudia's brother's house and he came to pick me up, took me home for a beer and then put me on the train! A top retrieve which had me on the same train home as Sam.