30/05/00 - Jim Mallinson, 33.5km from Cornden Hill

Takeoff 3.45pm SO 310 968 Cornden Hill
Landing 5.15pm SN 996 852 Dolwen
Distance 33.5 km
Glider Nova Argon 24

A 77k race via 2 turnpoints, with the first 40k from TO. Robbie Whittall got away early, followed by three others a bit later on. It was very light and the hill was in shade for most of the day. I was knackered and didn't even bother launching until an obvious boomer came through at 3.45 and sucked about 25 gliders straight up to base. We had some fun flying, good climbs, long glides and moody clouds. Cu-nims started doing their stuff all over the place. I was about 3k short of the lead gaggle and at base when they went down and apparently landed going backwards due to the gust front of a storm that went off over tp1.

The task was canned (I was pretty relieved at the news since the clouds where I was were getting very large). In with the ears and on with the bar-time to get down fast! Looking down I noticed a field with a goal line and the campsite nearby. Oh, that's where we are. (I hadn't bothered looking at the map this time-no airspace to worry about.) I glided over the goal field and landed in nil wind near my aunt's house where I was staying. Three minutes later the wind picked up to about 15mph as the gust front came through.

On Wednesday I flew to Liddington (for the third time in a month) from Huish-about 17k so I don't think it registers in my tally. The most remarkable thing was getting 74.5kmh ground speed on the GPS. I like my Argon!