30/04/00 - Jim Mallinson, 50.1km from the Blorenge

TO Blorenge SO 278120
LZ nr. Llanddeussant SN 792 243
Distance 50.1 km
Glider Edel Response M
Time c. 3 hrs

My most fun UK flight to date. Hugh, Adrian and I climbed out from the Blorenge and went in different directions. Hugh got low on the first ridge back while I picked up a weak blob in the valley which took me over the boonies. I stuck with it, it sorted itself out and soon I was being sucked into cloud at an alarming rate. Big ears and some throwing it around had me back in clear air and in sight of Talybont which was covered with gliders but in shade. I joined them soaring the western most spur.

Half an hour later Adrian glided in but didn't quite make it to the ridge and landed at the bottom. Ten minutes later Hugh appeared and did make it. Five minutes after that the sun came out and off we went again in a ripping climb that took us up to a 6000' base and into the sylph-like arms of the sea-breeze convergence. We pretty much straight-lined it for the rest of the flight, in and out of the wispies.

Five lifts with a total of less than five minutes waiting had us back at the pub in Aber. Our only mistake was not staying in Wales-the next day when you had your epic from Pandy we thought we'd be clever and not go to Wales where it would be blown out but stick to the smaller hills of the west country (Ubley et al.). They were, however, totally blown out and we couldn't even find an open pub to drown our sorrows in!