18/6/99 - Jim Mallinson, 22.5km from Long Mynd

TO: Long Mynd SO 405920
LZ: Nr. Much Wenlock SO 618993
Distance: 22.5 km
Duration: c. 2 hrs

Free-flying the Nationals alongside the gods. My first XC on a blue day - now I know what "bumping along against the inversion" means. I got away in a gaggle consisting of Tim MacDonald, Jay Myrdal, Richard Clarke and myself.

After 20k or so we all got low over a quarry, with me lowest (100' agl and about 200' below the others). The quarry worked very well but I could only stick with a very strong and rough thermal for about 1000' before falling out of the bottom and watching the others shoot upwards. Tim and Jay made 70k, but unfortunately Jay hurt himself badly on landing.