12/6/99 - Jim Mallinson, 24.9km from Uffington White Horse

TO: Uffington White Horse SU 302865
LZ:Coombe Gibbet SU 362623
Distance: 24.9 km
Duration: 1:10 (left the hill at 4.50)

Sat on the hill for five hours under an epic sky but with no thermals coming through-even the models couldn't stay up. Took off my flying suit, map, gps etc. and decided to fly down a bit nearer the car and go home.

Launched into a boomer and as I climbed out saw a police Land Rover turn up. The Thames Valley web site had said that Uffington was open as had the sites officer but I decided to let my mate Sam (who hadn't managed to get into the thermal) argue the case and made my getaway. I drifted slowly under a decaying street until I was the other side of Lambourn and it petered out.

Went on a 1k crosswind glide to join a sailplane that was climbing. I left that one and stumbled into a ripping eight-up that took me to base at 5,500'. Lovely, but very, very cold. Coombe was in sight and I couldn't handle the shade anymore so I stuck the bar out and reached Coombe with 1000' which I wound off before landing and collapsing in a shivering but contented heap.